IS PROBIS - Operational-Business System of CD Cargo

Creation of the PROBIS System was decided in 2009 based on the need to get adapted to the systems and processes of CD Cargo to the requirements of TAF TSI. The preparatory phase of the project took place in the years 2010 and 2011, and the implementation phase in the years 2012 and 2013. The entire project was implemented within the Transport Operational Programme.  Total costs of the project amounted to CZK 172,582,704 and the financial resources obtained from the European Fund for Regional Development and from the Cohesion Fund equal the half of the total expenses, i.e. CZK 86,291,352.

The entire system contains a number of modules, from dispatcher (DISC, EMAN, APS, ORŘ, M), operational (PRIS, UDIV) to business (TMS, EROZA), and provides complex information to all units participating in the transport of every single consignment. It is very important that CD Cargo is the very first national European carrier that has implemented the new interfaces defined in TAF TSI.

Volume 1/2014 of the professional magazine New Railway Technology/New Railway Trends (NRT) published a paper titled "Implementation of PROBIS - Operational-Business System of CD Cargo" of authors Ludek Ehrenberg and Tomas Toth. The paper talks about the completed implementation of the PROBIS system in CD Cargo.


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