Change of rules on the use of the transit procedure for the carriage of goods by rail

On 1 May 2019, a change takes effect in the rules on the use of the Union transit procedure based on documents for goods carried by rail.

This applies to: all transport modes where column 58 b) of the CIM consignment note is checked and the code of the procedure owner is indicated (called “code for the principal” in the CIM consignment note).

The customs legislation which came into effect on 1 May 2016, requires the provision of a guarantee for rail companies using the simplified transit procedure based on the CIM consignment note. From now on, rail companies will not be granted the guarantee waiver, as laid down in Article 95 of Commission Regulation 2913/92.

In this respect, it will not be possible any more to apply the simplified transit procedure automatically and apply for it just by checking column 58b) in the CIM consignment note; request for its application will require close cooperation between the customer and the carrier. Since the amount of the guarantee is based on the value of the goods transported, ČD Cargo will require documents demonstrating its value before the sale of the consignment. The value of the shipment and the blocked amount of the guarantee will be recorded by the staff of the CNP site.

ČD Cargo will provide the guarantee on the goods transported from its own resources. This guarantee will apply to the entire transport, from the placing of the consignment under the customs transit procedure to its termination at the destination station. Feedback from the consignee is necessary to allow the consignment in transport to be unblocked. ČD Cargo will require documents on transport termination at the destination station along with a copy of the customs document showing that the customs transit procedure has been properly terminated.

This information will be recorded for the purposes of checks by the customs authorities.

Even with this change of conditions, the use of the simplified transit procedure based on the CIM consignment note will still be more advantageous than issuing transit accompanying documents in the NCTS system.

We would like to start test monitoring as soon as possible to make sure it is fully functional from the effective date. We would like to ask you to reflect the new requirements in your transport operations. We believe the transition to the new mode will be smooth and the required documents and information will not be an excessive burden on you. In case of any questions please do not hesitate and contact your ČD Cargo sales manager or sales support specialists at or


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