The company was registered in the Commercial Register on 18 December 2006 under the name Koleje Czeskie. Its 100% owner is ČD Cargo. Since 2009, it has held a license to operate rail freight transport in Poland. From a small carrier that relies only on transport for the parent company, the company has changed in recent years into a sovereign entity that can offer services to other customers.

CD Cargo Poland focuses on the transport of black coal from Silesian mines not only to the Czech Republic, but also to Polish power plants and heating plants, as well as on the transport of containers in transit from the Czech Republic to Belarus, resp. China, minerals from the Baltic ports to the Czech Republic and metallurgical products in the opposite direction. Its wood transports are not negligible either.

In 2020, the company transported almost 3 million tons of goods. CD Cargo Poland uses not only older ČD Cargo locomotives on its trains, but also modern Dragon locomotives from the manufacturer NEWAG. It also has more than 700 of its own wagons.

On the basis of concluded contracts, CD Cargo Poland can travel within the Russian railway network to Kaliningrad, the Belarusian railway network to Brest and other border crossing stations, and within the Lithuanian railway network to Mockava station.


CD Cargo Poland Sp. z o. o.

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00-131 Warszawa
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