The company was registered in the Commercial Register on 24 September 2008. The main activity of CD Cargo Slovakia was initially to represent ČD Cargo in the territory of Slovakia on the basis of a mandate agreement. Gradually, however, forwarding became the most important activity.

In June 2020, the company became a full-fledged carrier on the railway lines of Slovakia. On 20 June, it was the first to transport a train with LKW Walter semi-trailers between the Kúty and Rajka border crossing stations. By the end of 2020, the company's trains in Slovakia transported 180,000 tons of goods.

CD Cargo Slovakia focuses on the transport of wood to Hungary and Romania and on the transport of other goods (black coal, containers, automotive) in transit through the Slovak Republic. It has its own locomotives and a fleet of 150 wagons. It can also easily arrange the transport of extraordinary consignments - from this point of view, the transport of more than 160 tons of heavy transformers to the nuclear power plant in Mochovce was interesting.

CD Cargo Slovakia is a 100% owner of CD Cargo Hungary.


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