As one of the first railway freight carriers, we have prepared for you a revolutionary possibility to track orders. By using the ČDCgo mobile application. Do you want an overview of the ordered transportation with ČD Cargo? Download the ČDCgo application and monitor the transportation status of empty and loaded wagons, including the expected arrival at the destination station. Within a few seconds, you will see the order’s status from creation to delivery to the final location. Filter by various parameters to quickly find what you are looking for. Do you need to share a specific order with colleagues or customers? With ČDCgo, you simply send a link to the order details, which they can view without logging into the application.

Download ČDCgo

Download our new ČDCgo mobile app completely free.

Application functionality

Login to the application

Use the same username and password to log in to the Eroza customer portal. If you do not have them, you can track your order via the order code, or you can contact us at CDCgo@cdcargo.cz and request the creation of a user account.

Overview of orders

After logging in, you can online see all orders. Those in concept and those on the way and delivered. If you are looking for a specific order, you can filter (for example, by car number or dispatch station) and quickly find it.

Order detail

In the detail of the order, you can already see specific information, for example, specific cars, information about goods, etc. You will also find the current location, including the expected arrival at the destination station. Information about the current location, the forwarding station and the destination station are also available on the map.


For orders it is possible to set up notifications either by saving filter or directly by labeling exact order or carriage in Overview. Notifications can be set up e. g. for New order, Departure from initial station, Arrival to final stop or Change of supposed arrival to the final stop.


In your profile, you can set the language mutation or choose the dark mode of the application.


We have prepared a user manual for you with a complete application description.

Or watch a short video about our app:


How about Information about orders going outside the Czech Republic?

Some shipments going to the Czech Republic (import) do not have any information available at all. For these types of transport, we are dependent on our partners, who forward shipments and wagons to us, and the data is not always provided by the partners. These are mainly shipments from Poland.
In the case of shipments going from the Czech Republic to a foreign country, information about the orders is available, but information about the current location and expected arrival at the destination station outside the Czech Republic may not be available.


How about Information about the expected arrival of the order at the station of destination?

Within the application, we try to predict when your order will arrive at the destination station. Unfortunately, the current increased number of rail closures is the reason, that this time may be extended. We are dependent on the infrastructure operator and we are unable to influence the course of rail closures. Please consider this information as informative.


Where can I download this application?

In AppStore or in Google Play.


How do I log in to ČDCgo?

If you have login information for the Eroza customer portal, you will also use it to access ČDCgo. If not, please email us at CDCgo@cdcargo.cz. We will respond as soon as possible, but before we grant you access, we need to check the legitimacy of your request.


Do I have to be registered to see the order status?

You don't have to. You can track a specific order even without registration. For whom, you just need to know the one-time order code. This can be obtained, for example, from the Sender or our Customer Center will tell you about it.


What are we preparing for you?

We plan to further develop CDCgo app. In mid-2023 we added the option of setting up Notifications for your orders or carriages. By the end of 2023, we visualize adding new views on so called DROPs, which will make orientation in the app easier for bigger customers.

We will be happy if you write us other ideas for the development of ČDCgo. To the email address CDCgo@cdcargo.cz


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