Joint stock company ČD Cargo offers its services also abroad by means of subsidiaries.

ČD Cargo, a.s. owns equity share in 12 companies. In three of those, ČD Cargo is the 100% owner, whilst in others it disposes of majority or minority share. The amount of share in every company is determined by the company's historical development, capital intensity in relation to its establishment and operation and primarily the subject of business and its business strategy. The purpose of establishing those companies was mediation of services in freight transport in the neighbour countries, provision of logistic terminals, offer of complex logistic services and forwarding, or also for instance provision of clearing operations between the partners, so that ČD Cargo could concentrate mainly on its number one activity - operation of rail freight services. Three subsidiaries abroad represent an important business channel and extend significantly the opportunities of offering the ČD Cargo's services in the neighbour as well as in many other countries.


CD Cargo Germany GmbH

Specialist for car transport

The company was recorded in the Companies Register on October 11, 2004; its 100% owner is ČD Cargo, a.s. Od tohoto data se intenzivně věnuje obchodní činnosti zejména v západní Evropě. Od 23. července 2013 nabízí své služby také prostřednictvím dceřiné společnosti CD – Generalvertretung Wien GmbH.

Attraction area: Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, BENELUX states, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Portugal, and by means of ČD Generalvertretung Wien GmbH Austria, Italy, former Yugoslavia states, Hungary, and other states of South-East Europe, if the transport route is via Austria.

  • Car transport in import via the Czech Republic
  • The volume of transports in 2012: 4 956 527 tonnes of goods
  • Cooperation with all operators  
  • Large offer of services including the transports to Russia  
  • Lorry transport in Germany



CD Cargo Poland Spółka z o.o.

Your partner for transport in Poland and in the East direction

The company was recorded in the Companies Register on December 19, 2006; its 100% owner is ČD Cargo, a.s.

Catchment area: Poland, the Baltic republics, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine as long as the transport route across Poland is concerned.

  • Own licences and safety certificate for the operation of railway transport on the PKP PLK network.
  • Transports of solid and liquid fuels, wood and other commodities
  • Volume of transports in 2014: 1.7 million tons of goods
  • Own electric locomotives and railway wagons
  • The background of the parent company



CD Cargo Slovakia, s.r.o.

Gate to transports to the East

The company was recorded in the Companies Register on September 24, 2008; ČD Cargo, a.s. has been the company's 100% owner since 2015. Until then the company had been on the market under the wings of Koleje Czeskie.

Catchment area: Slovaia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, states of former Yugoslavia as long as the transport route across Slovakia is concerned, Russia and Ukraine as long as the transport route across Slovakia is concerned.

  • Forwarding activity in the assigned catchment area.
  • Provision of reloading of road - railway in transports from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Russia.



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