Convention COTIF

From 01.07. 2006, revised Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) is valid as amended in the amendment protocol signed at the General Meeting of International Railway Carriage (OTIF) in April 1999 in Vilnius (e.g. COTIF 99).

Convention concerning International Carriage by Rail COTIF 99 including all 7 annexes (A-G ) is within the gestion of MD ČR, and it is specified on internet pages

It is published in the collection of international contracts no. 49/2006, part 26.

Our internet pages include the below published documents which contain the conditions for international carriage:

  1. CIM Consignment Note Manual (GLV-CIM)
  2. CUV Wagon Note Manual (GLW-CUV)
  3. CIM/SMGS Reconsignment Manual (GR-CIM/SMGS)
  4. CIM/SMGS Consignment Note Manual (GLV-CIM/SMGS)
  5. Special carriage conditions, prices, and payment terms for the railway freight carriage of wagon deliveries – it resolves the basic business relations between the railway carriage companies and customers.

Other documents download:



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