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Panels to Villach with ČD Cargo

On the evening of January 20, a complete train loaded with panels left the Czech Republic at the border crossing station Horní Dvořiště and headed to Villach via Linz and Selzthal.

The twin of ČD Cargo Vectrons of the 383.007 and 001 series was at the head of this train. Along the Austrian area the train was run on the ČD Cargo license and was driven by ČD Cargo driver. After unloading, the empty trainset returned across Břeclav back to the loading in Čáslav, resp. in Skovice.

Realization of this ČD Cargo business case is the result of the active business policy of the newly established workplace of our company in Austria - ČD Cargo Niederlassung Wien.


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