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Last Vectron in an attractive look

In one of the halls Railway Research Institute in Velim was the Monday, October 17, 2016 provided by covering the last of five Vectron, which the ČD Cargo acquired this year.

Applying adhesive film was preceded by perfect washing and degreasing engines so that the stickers withstand the planned ten years. Ideal for pasting is temperature more than 15 °C, therefore, was Vectron handed to temperated space.

When bonding precision and caution is very important, because there is no second chance. The whole event lasted about four hours and then Vectron remained in the hall to properly glue to dry.

Stickers of machine with the number 004 is different and promotes ČD Cargo as a company with a tradition even though they operate in the market under this name "only" 10 years. Stickers also highlight hundred years of continuity in the development of electric traction on our railways.

On Wednesday 19 October was Vectron 383.004 handed over to ČD Cargo and soon was deployed in regular operation.


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