There is always something going on, on the railway. This is the place where you can find the most recent information not only about what is happening in our company CD Cargo, but also various interesting affairs taking place on the traffic market, and other.


TRAXX locomotives on ČD Cargo freight trains
On July 2, 2020, the historically first service of locomotive 388.002 on a regular ČD Cargo freight train took place. It was a turnaround of Pn 62012/62013 Ostrava – Česká Třebová – Ostrava and it...
Test drives of ČD Cargo’s TRAXX locomotives
On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, trial operation of the locomotive series 388 ČD Cargo on the lines of Správa železnic began. For the first time ever, the 388.001 engine set off from Ústí nad Labem to...
TBZ in Hungary
All four locomotives of the series 753.6 ČD Cargo have already realized their technical and safety runs in Hungary, specifically on the section Komárom – Győrszentiván in both directions. The...
ČD Cargo on its own license in Slovakia
On 20 June 2020 Slovakia became another country in which ČD Cargo carries out transports on its own license. At 2:30, a train with LKW Walter semi-trailers crossed the state border at Lanžhot,...
ČD Cargo newsletter is here again
Dear business partners, after a long pause, we would like to offer you another issue of our Newsletter , which is focused on the offer of specialized trains of ČD Cargo, currently the CZ-ITA...
Povětrnostní situace
Při přechodu dešťové a bouřkové fronty, zejména v Pardubickém kraji, v okolí Prahy a na Vysočině, došlo na železniční infrastruktuře k řadě poruch zabezpečovacího zařízení. Některé...


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