Chop Train

Connections between the Czech Republic and Ukraine

Freight Transport

  • Transportation of conventional and intermodal rail shipments
  • Transport of various types of goods including dangerous (RID)
  • Specialization in the transport of agricultural products

Extensive Network of Transshipment Points and Warehouses

  • Connection to Ukrainian warehouses on both sides of the UA/ SK border: Chop, Batiovo, Mukachevo, Košice, Matovce, Čierna nad Tisou
  • Use of warehouses in the Czech Republic: Lovosice, Ostrava, Olomouc, Praha and Brno

Train Formation and Interconnection

  • Regular train departures with connections to other stations not only in the Czech Republic but also to other ČD Cargo Logistics product trains
  • Departures as required

Optimized Connection with Ukraine

  • Connection of the Czech Republic with the Ukrainian border for efficient transport
  • Transit Time: 48 – 96 hours, depending on the station of departure and destination

Flexibility and Broad Options

  • Transport to/from Ukraine in conventional wagons or containers
  • Possibility of transporting single wagons, groups of wagons or block trains
  • Transport of humanitarian aid and strategic shipments

Comprehensive Logistical Support

  • Expert support and logistic services to ensure smooth transport, including continuous monitoring
  • We offer the possibility of comprehensive customs clearance and additional insurance of goods beyond the basic insurance
  • Professional warehousing, transloading, and repackaging of goods at our‘s or partners‘ warehouses, delivery of the shipment to the destination
  • Individual solutions for each customer - including trucking on delivery to the final consignee, etc.
With the Chop Train, you gain an efficient and reliable connection between the Czech Republic and Ukraine, with a wide range transportation options and complete logistical support.


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