FVE Břeclav, České Budějovice

Program title: 2. New Renewable Sources in Energy RES+ Modernization fund (hereinafter referred to as "Program”)
Call No.: ModF – RES+ č. 1/2022 (herenafter referred to as “Call”) 
Project title: ČD Cargo - FVE Břeclav, České Budějovice (hereinafter referred to as “Project“)

This project is co-co funded by the Modernization fund based on decision of the Minister of the Environment.

Basic information on the Operation Program

ČD Cargo submitted an application for financial support for the implementation of the project within the framework of the 2nd New Renewable Sources in Energy (RES+) program financed from the Modernization Fund within the ModF – RES+ call No. 1/2022, whose managing body is the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, regarding the installation of photovoltaic power plants (PPP) on buildings owned by ČD Cargo, a.s., in České Budějovice and Břeclav.

The goal of the Program, as well as of the Call, is to support the implementation of projects that lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, modernization of energy systems and increase in the share of renewable energy sources in final energy consumption. Savings in final energy consumption are to be achieved with the aid of supported measures. The planned allocation of the Call was CZK 1.5 billion. The determination of the total maximum amount of support for the ČD Cargo project is based on the function of the dependence of the amount of eligible costs on the installed capacity.

Project description

The subject of this project is the implementation of energy-saving measures through the installation of photovoltaic power plants on the premises owned by the applicant ČD Cargo, a.s. Due to the fulfillment of the conditions of the Call, this is a combined PPP project, which includes 2 sub-projects with 2 transfer points to the distribution system. The installed output of the combined project is then given by the sum of the installed outputs of the individual partial PPP plants. This combined project is made up of the following sub-projects / objects located on the cadastral territory in Břeclav (the PPP plant will be located on the roofs of four buildings of the Rolling Stock Repair Center (RSRC) area in Břeclav) and in České Budějovice (the PPP plant will be located on the roofs of three buildings of the RSRC České Budějovice area).

Lower consumption and costs of electricity will be achieved through the installation of a photovoltaic power plants with a total output of 353.01 kWp.

The project will significantly reduce the consumption of primary non-renewable energy in the amount of 691.72 MWh/year. It is obvious that the outputs of the project will have a positive impact on the environment, namely in the immediate surroundings, in the region and in the entire Czech Republic, as an EU member state. The planned activities will also generate a lower share of emissions.

Before the implementation of the tender process, ČD Cargo set the total expected costs of the project at CZK 12.3 million, of which the support amounts to CZK 2.7 million. In accordance with the terms of the Call, the implementation of the project should be completed by 4th August 2025.


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