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Koleje Czeskie strengthen in intermodal transport

On August 2, 2017, the first intermodal train to the Czech Republic left the Brest terminal. Train was in the Polish territory carried by the Koleje Czeskie. A new stage was launched not only in the history of this carrier, but also in the intermodal transport of ČD Cargo.

The change of carrier in Polish territory concerns regular MalaTrain trains as well as shipments of white phosphorus from Kazakhstan carried out in special tank containers. At the turn of July and August, they were first transshipped from the wide-gauge cars to normal in Brest, not in the transshipment terminal on the Polish side. Koleje Czeskie thus use the possibility of getting into the Belarusian rail network resulting from a contract concluded with Belarusian Railways.

We are preparing to increase the number of Mala Train departures for two a week in the near future.


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