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Signing a contract for the supply of new locomotives

On Monday, August 20, 2018, a contract was signed between ČD Cargo and Bombardier Transportation GmbH. On behalf of ČD Cargo, not only the chairman of the board, Mr. Ivan Bednárik, and the member of the board, Mr. Zdeněk Škvařil, participated in the ceremony, but also the chairman of the supervisory board of ČD Cargo, Mr. Pavel Krtek, and other members of this body. Bombardier Transportation GmbH was represented by Michael Fohrer, the Chairman of the Board of Directors (President for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, Israel and China) and other management representatives.

On the basis of the signed contract, ČD Cargo will receive 10 Traxx MS3 locomotives between 2019 and 2020. The number of these locomotives may be further increased with the supply of up to 40 more engines using the contractual option open until 2022.

The interoperable locomotives will be capable of operation in the Czech Republic and in all the surrounding countries and Hungary; this group of countries can be further expanded to include Slovenia and Croatia.


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