Stations with special transport conditions

In December 2023, ČD Cargo announced updated conditions for acceptance and delivery of consignments from/to stations with special transport conditions valid from 1st January 2024. The amended text of the policies for transportation from/to these stations was also published in Chapter 3.1 of the Contractual Carriage Conditions of ČD Cargo. Based on the trial operation, during which the ancillary charges PD 27.35 was not applied, we reassessed the inclusion of some stations into this system and conditions of the minimum number of wagons. The changes in the table were made in the effort of ČD Cargo to satisfy customers’ requirements to the greatest extent while ensuring maximum effectivity of the ČD Cargo activities.

Beginning on 1st March 2024, the system will already be operating in standard mode, including application of ancillary charges PD 27.35 in exceptional cases when an operationally suitable solution cannot be found. Finding of a suitable solution belongs to responsibility of the relevant wagon disponent in cooperation with the contact center of ČD Cargo.

For stations with special transport conditions, an updated Table of Special Conditions of Acceptance and Delivery will be applicable, in which, in addition to the minimum number of wagons accepted for transport or delivered for one servicing of the station, and amended amounts of PD 27.35, also updated policies for utilization of this table and cases when PD 27.35 is not charged are listed. There is also a clear map with the marking of stations with special acceptance and delivery conditions.


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