Grain from Černovice u Chomutova with ČD Cargo

In the days 21 to 22 February 2017 was from silo siding in Černovice u Chomutova sent cereal block train, divided to two sections. Each part had 15 cars and a block train was linked in a yard in Chomutov. Block train then continued through border crossing station Děčín/Bad Schandau to the Baltic...

400 kV transformer transportation Mochov – Praha-Řeporyje

From 22 to 25 February was held an unusual shipment of 400 kVtransformer between transformer stations ČEPS Čechy-Střed and Praha-Řeporyje. Transportation was due to the lack of a rail connection in Praha-Řeporyje transformer station realized in combination road – railway transhipment at the...

„Bardotkas“ around Prague again

Due to a temporary shortage of locomotives of 742 class was from České Budějovice to Prague moved locomotive 749.019. This class locomotives, known by the nickname “Bardotka”, are very fabulous among railway fans. 019 engine is moreover in original painting scheme, not in ČD Cargo corporate...

Transportation of coal increased year on year

In January this year we have transported nearly 770,000 tons of brown coal for our customers, which is a significant year-over-year. Among the clients of ČD Cargo in this segment are not only large power plants, but also coal wholesalers who provide distribution of grade coal to end...

Modernization of Praha-Libeň gravity yard hump completed

On Monday, February 20, 2017 was hump modernization in railway station Praha-Libeň completed. There were during the modernization tracks replaced and were delivered new fully automated track brakes and equipment for wheel lubrication. To reduce noise around the station were built noise barrier...


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ČD Cargo

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