ZAN 865-54-2023 and PD27.34 effective from 01–Jan–2024

For the transports of consignments loaded in wagons of ČD Cargo, a.s., a Traffic Restriction (ZAN) 865-54-2023 has been announced to and through countries represented by the following Railway Undertakings:

41 AL (Albania)
44 BA (Republic of Srpska)
50 BA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
52 BG (Bulgaria)
62 ME (Montenegro)
65 MK (Republic of North Macedonia)
72 RS (Republic of Srpska)
73 GR (Greece)
75 TR (Turkey)

As an exception to the ZAN, the entry "PD27.34" in column 7 of the CIM Consignment Note applies. With this record, the customer also undertakes to pay (depending on the type of the loaded wagon) the ancillary charges PD27.34 specified in this document.

This does not affect the validity of other ZANs issued e.g. for a specific station or section in the above mentioned countries.


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