SOKV Ústí nad Labem

The centre of rail wagons repairs in Ústí nad Labem was established on 01.12.07 as one of three units of the organisation structure focusing on the repairs and maintenance of rail wagons. It has several subordinate units – Repairs of rail wagons (OKV) in Cheb, Most and Nymburk. SOKV Ústí nad Labem administers 82 buildings (including the building for the operation management in Česká Třebová), 276 thousand m2 of land plots and also over 27 km rails. The latest data are truly impressive, however there is 13,6 km of rails with 42 point switches just in Ústí nad Labem.

On 31.08.2016, SOKV Ústí nad Labem manages the total of 122 electrical and 147 motor engines. The new items include engines series 383, from recognised Vectrona. Ústí is the only railway yard with ‚old fashion Czech style‘ series 122 and 123, engines series 372, which are operated on border railways to Bad Schandau and other domestic German lines, and also two engines series 755, established in 2005 by the reconstruction of older engines series 753 currently dislocated in Kralupy nad Vltavou. SOKV Ústí nad Labem manages also couchette wagons used e.g. for army transport.

SOKV employs 457 employees. One half of the provided activities relates to the actuated wagons – their maintenance is performed in Ústí nad Labem and also in workplace in Most. The workplaces in Cheb and in Nymburk include the repairs of freight wagons. Ústí branch focuses on the repairs of wagons in ss plus mode for all long wagons, such as Habbins etc. An independent unit is the line for repairing Eas wagon series, even though only one half is currently functional. The construction of new outdoor hall for cleaning and disrupting wagons before the repair works. Currently the repairs include 150 wagons annually and the outlook after completing the hall is 500 wagons in various stages of repairs. Cheb repair shop is currently fully loaded with repairs of freight wagons returning from the transport of wood and scrap iron fro Germany. The decision on their purchase in 2010 was definitely correct. Ústí railway yard is almost self sufficient within the area of freight wagon repairs.

An interesting workplace in the premises of Ústí railway yard is the sub-level lathe H 106 with its own drive. This workplace is unique within the whole ČD group. In 12 hour shift it is possible to turn up to three engines or wagons. Due to the great investment from the last year, the lathe hall is open for passage and it is possible to ‚turn‘ the units and wagons for ČD and other transport providers. Approximately 80 % sales represent the sales from external subjects. New lathe is under construction for ‘kolovka’ and its completion is expected this year.

Many investment events were completed in the facilities SOKV Ústí nad Labem. We can state for example the insulation and reconstruction of the repair shop hall in Nymburk. This event introduced significant savings and also the improvement of the work environment. Gas consumption for heating dropped inter-annually by two thirds and electricity for lighting by 50 %. The railway yard track is under gradual reconstruction, the line for pressure and sealing tests in repair shop in Most was completely reconstructed.


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