Czech Republic – Małaszewicze and back

Transport Conditions

  • transport period 24 hours
  • transport option to/ from Russia, Belarus, Baltic states, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, and Turkmenistan
  • own transport provider in Poland with the contract to arrive at the railway network of Belarus railways (BČ)
  • designed for containers and conventional deliveries, including RID hazardous goods

Complete services

  • the option of reloading in Małaszewicze, Brest, and other border stations
  • security of the whole transport to the final destination (transport of containers on by rail or road in the Czech Republic, and also to Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary)
  • wide range of additional services (reloading, re-dispatch, custom services, the provision of containers, the last mile on the road, etc.
  • monitoring for the whole transport period

Successfully completed transportation contracts

  • transport of white phosphorus from Kazakhstan to the Czech Republic
  • export of disassembled cars in containers from the Czech Republic to Russia


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ČD Cargo Logistics